I had the most wonderful time tonight wandering around the floor of the ICON8 (Illustration Conference) Roadshow! As an aspiring illustrator it was really, well, inspiring! If you saw someone who looked like this


nervously come up and say hi or stare awkwardly at your wonderful art, that was me! Some of the super talented and friendly artists I was lucky enough to encounter were paperalligator, phoebewahlprimaryhugheskelley mcmorris, simplykumquat, maxestes, lenapodesta, and more I am surely forgetting! Oh, and the amazingly talented Carson Ellis was kind enough to sign my copy of the third Wildwood book even though I just missed the end of the signing, which truly made my night. What a wonderful lady. Anyway, it was a very cool experience. So much incredible illustration work was on display, and so many wonderful artists were there; I’m really glad I got to check it out. :)